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Linemarkers and Test Stations

As a dedicated manufacturer of linemarker products,  we offer customized linemarkers and test stations to meet your specific requirements.

Zero-Maintenance, Pipeline-Tough Line Markers
QuickSnap Linemarker
Maloney QuickSnapª Linemarker
Heads show we have our heads
in the right place.
Test stations/Vent Heads
Zero-Maintenance, Pipeline-Tough Test Stations
Phantom Splice/Test Station
The Beauty of the new Maloney V3
Phantom Splice/Test Station is that
nobody (except you) will notice it.
Flatliner Linemarker
Durable & Flexible Fiberglass Utility Marker for Two-Sided View


Product Nominal O.D. Length
    1. Fitting 3-3/4″ 18″
    2. Support Post 3-1/2 72″
B. Test Station/LineMRKR Combination
    1. Test Station Fitting 3-3/4″ 18″
    2. Support Post 3-1/2 72″
C. Vent Pipes
   1. Vent Fitting 4″ 20-1/4″
   2. Support Post 3-1/2″ 72″
   3. Sleeve 3-3/4″ 15″
D. Anchor Tube 7/8″ 9″

* Support posts can be supplied in custom lengths, length shown is standard.

Components are mechanically riveted with stainless steel rivets. Maloney LineMRKRS are supplied to meet DOT standards. Line Markers 195.410 and Line Markers for Mains and Transmission Lines 192.707.