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V3 Phantom Splice/Test Station

Patent Number  6,321,679

The beauty of the new Maloney V3  Phantom Splice/Test Station is that nobody (except you) will notice it. We all know the big problem associated with most splice/test stations. They LOOK different. And because of this they are a tempting target of vandals, scavengers, and the curious. The new Phantom Splice/Test Station from Maloney is different, because to the untrained eye, it looks like just another Maloney LineMRKRª seen all across the country.

The Phantom Splice/Test Station is available with round dome caps in any color to fit your needs. Don’t tempt fate any longer. Begin today to incorporate the Phantom Splice/Test Station in all your linemarking projects.The Phantom Splice/Test Station dome is secured using a standard can wrench (216C tool.) Inside, users have a choice of placement of the terminal, and terminals are available in any bolt pattern. For more information contact Maloney today.