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Maloney Test Stations

Zero-Maintenance, Pipeline-Tough Line Markers

LineMRKR / Test Station Combination

The Maloney Combination Pipeline Marker and Test Station offers the versatility of a pipeline warning marker and a cathodic protection test station that is capable of :

  • Pipe-to-soil potential measurements
  • Measurements and/or restriction of anode current output
  • Measurements of IR drop along the pipeline
  • Tests for shorted casings and pipeline bondings

The cathodic protection Test Station is molded as part of the LineMRKR fitting. The combination LineMRKR/Test Station is also designed to enable test readings to be taken without removing the cover. Test lead terminal connections are available with 1/4″ x 20 NC x 1-1/2″ silicone-bronze machine screws with 2 nuts and washers, or highest quality non-corrosive 5-way hex-head binding post rated for 30 Ampere current capacity and 1000 Volt working voltage.