Brief Introduction

1932 – F.H. Maloney Company was founded in 1932 and has been an innovative supplier to the petroleum industry since that time. The company was headquartered on a four city block complex just east of downtown Houston, Texas until 1995.

1995 – Purchased by S&B Technical Products, the name was changed to Maloney Technical Products and the manufacturing facility was relocated to Fort Worth, Texas. As an integrated part of the Hultec/S&B Group, Maloney has additional access to extensive product and material design capability, state of the art manufacturing technology, and global sales and distribution facilities.

For over 80 years Maloney has been at the forefront of product manufacturing and development in the oil & gas exploration, production and transmission industries. Products range from sophisticated custom manufactured components for down-hole logging tools as well as engineered proprietary items such as casings insulators, end seals & spheres, detectors and right of way line markers. Our manufacturing facilities can produce parts ranging in size from a few grams in weight to over 500 pounds, as well as quantities from machined prototypes up to high volume production runs.

Ft. Worth Facility

Costa Rica Manufacturing Facility

Maloney custom rubber manufacturing capabilities include compression, transfer and injection molding equipment. Other capabilities include mandrel built parts, urethane casting and machining of rubber and plastics. Our process controls help insure that we meet all the specifications required by our customers.

We operate our facility under an ISO Certified Quality System and have a Certified Rubber Laboratory located in our Costa Rica Manufacturing Facility.


Neoprene – CR
Nitrile – NBR
Styrene Butadiene – SBR
Ethylene Propylene – EPDM
Natural Isoprene Rubber – NR
Polyethylene – PE
Thermoplastic elastomer – TPE
Thermoplastic polyurethane – TPU
Polyether Ether Ketone – PEEK
Polyester – PET
Acetal – POM

Fluoroelastomers – FKM, FPM, (Viton)
Perfluoroelastomers – FFKM (Kalrez®)
Polytetrafluoroethylene – PTFE (Teflon®)
Polyurethane – AU, EU
Hydrogenated Nitrile – HNBR, HSN
Silicone – VMG, PVMQ
Epichlorohydrin – ECO
Hypalon – CSPE, CSM
Butyl – IIR