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Custom Rubber Molding


Maloney Technical Products processes a wide variety of rubber compounds, using various techniques including compression, transfer and injection molding, as well as autoclave curing.

Preforms are produced by methods designed to yield the best possible finished product. For example, a packing element which is designed to be set under high loads will be molded using a cylindrical Barwell extruded preform. This serves to minimize the possibility of laminar flaws which could cause premature failures in the finished element.

Inserts of metal or plastic may be bonded to a variety of rubber compounds. The process generally requires de-greasing to remove contaminants, some form of mechanical surface conditioning, a finish cleaning operation and finally the application of an adhesive system to promote bonding. Over the years, Maloney has developed a great deal of general expertise, as well as specific applied techniques for elastomeric bonding.

We often perform secondary operations to split parts or add features such as internal grooves which are not easily molded. Call us for your custom rubber molding needs.