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Maloney Scraper Cups & Discs

Compression Molded,
Long-Wearing Cups & Discs

Specialty Compounds Available
Custom Hole Locations Available
Proven Field Reliability
for over 50 Years

Scraper Cups

Maloney Scraper Cups fulfill the exacting demands of their use as no other scraper cups available on the market today. Maloney Scraper Cups, as all Maloney products, are the result of years of research and experimentation to provide the industry with the finest product, with the highest standards, at an economical cost.

Maloney Scraper cups and discs are compression molded at cavity pressures exceeding 2000 psi. Maloney does not pour-cast or rotational-mold any of cups and discs. The compression molding process ensures uniform density of the compounded material and yields a wear-life that is unmatched in the industry.

The Maloney Scraper Cup puts the pressure in the line to work for effective sealing. The design of the cup allows pipeline pressure to seat the sealing surface against the pipe with sufficient force to create a positive seal without excessive wear. The blunt edge of the cup allows the full depth of the lop to wear and to provide full, usable area throughout its life. The Shoulder and body of the cup have the strength and necessary flexibility for complete adaptability to out-of-round or varying weight pipe, valve restrictions, or other abnormal conditions.


In addition to the conventional use of Scraper Cups for on-stream pigging, pigging new lines, and clean-out service in existing lines, Maloney Scraper Cups have proven to be extremely effective in hydrostatic testing and water-removal applications.

Scraper Discs

Maloney Scraper Discs are designed for Bi-Directional pigging applications requiring a disc, and are compounded and manufactured under the same strict quality control as the Scraper Cups. The discs are available in a full range of diameters.

pdf-icon   Please see Cups and Discs brochure for dimensional information.

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