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Maloney Super Oil Saver –

S.O.S. Oil Saver

Custom Compounds
Fabric Reinforcing
High Abrasion Resistance

The Super Oil Saver has been engineered to meet the toughest standards of work-over rigs worldwide. The S.O.S. Oil Saver provides a resilient seal to limit the amount of waste liquid leaking from the wireline adapter when performing well-service. The improved flexibility of the rubber compound allows it to be easily installed to the wireline by hand.

Maloney’s over 80 years of experience in manufacturing high quality products for the oil field service industry lead to the development of the two types of premium rubber compounds used in molding the S.O.S line of oil savers. The S.O.S. Oil Saver-53, with a Shore A Hardness of 53 is recommended for oil swabbing, the S.O.S Oil Saver-45, with a Shore A Hardness of 45 is for use in high water content wells.  They are available with a center hole I.D. of 9/16″ or 5/8″.

Maloney uses a compression molding technique to manufacture its oil savers…yielding a tough, long wearing, abrasion resistant product.