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Full Faced Style Gasket

Full Face Flange Gasket

Maloney Technical Products recommends the use of Special Elastomer for sealing ductile iron flanged piping for special applications such as systems designed for transmitting oils, chemicals, high temperature water and air applications. These conditions require elastomers with enhanced performance above those provided by standard SBR gaskets.

Available in the following compounds:

Water & Sewer Air
EPDM 212°F 150°F Vegetable Oil, Alcohols, Dilute Acids, Diluted Alkalis, MEK,
Acetone, fresh water, sea water, storm water, sanitary sewage & reclaimed water
Nitrile 150°F 125°F Fresh water, salt water, sanitary sewage, storm water, petroleum products, oils, fats, chemicals, greases
Neoprene 200°F 150°F Fresh water, salt water, sanitary sewage, storm water, greases
FKM 212°F 300°F Fresh water, salt water, storm water, aromatic hydrocarbons, fuels, acids, vegetable oils, petroleum products, and most chemicals and solvents
  • Sizes 4” – 36”, 1/8” Nominal Thickness
  • Rated for a water working pressure of 350psi For 4”-24” and 250psi for 30”-36” and are based on maximum rating of C110, C111 & C153 flange
  • Holes match ANSI A-21.10, A21.15 and B 16.1 Class 125 Flange drilling.
  • Designed for unique surface of Ductile Iron Flange joints
  • Employs three ring type pieces mold into the gasket that project beyond both sides of the main surface of the Gasket to greatly improve sealing and reduces bolt torque required to seal the joint


Size BC Pressure Number

Working Pressure / Bolt

Inches Inches Rating Bolt
at 250
at 350
4 7.50 350psi 8 90 110
6 9.50 350psi 8 90 110
8 11.75 350psi 8 90 110
10 14.25 350psi 12 90 130
12 17.00 350psi 12 90 130
14 18.75 350psi 12 110 150
16 21.25 350psi 16 110 160
18 22.75 350psi 16 120 180
20 25.00 350psi 20 120 200
24 29.50 350psi 20 130 220
30 36.00 250psi 28 140
36 42.75 250psi 32 160

Bolt holes match ANSI A21.10, A21.15 AND B16.1. All gaskets meet the requirements shown in the appendices of AWWA C110, C111 and C115.

Prior to assembly, make sure the flanges are free of sand, grit, grease or other foreign material.

Hand tighten all bolts and check for alignment. Use a crisscross pattern to tighten the bolts, starting with the top bolt then the bottom bolt 180° from the top bolt, then 90° to the left and tighten that bolt, then 180° to the right across form it then one bolt to the right and repeat the crisscrossing for the remainder of the bolts. Flange bolts must be evenly torqued in stages to provide proper sealing.

These gaskets were designed specifically for the unique surface of Ductile Iron. Flat rubber gaskets are NOT considered equal in performance and may not provide the sealing capability the project requires. In addition, their use could result in unintended damage to the flanges and threads of the fabricated pipe by applying excess torque to the bolts/flanges in order to seal.

Call Maloney Technical Product Customer Service Representative with the project specifications for recommendation on best compound to use for a special application, current lead times and for pricing. Maloney maintains inventory on many of the sizes and special compounds.