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the smart sphere


The Newest Technology In Pipeline Spheres Has Arrived!

Maloney Technical Products, in conjunction with CDI (Control Devices Inc.) introduces The Maloney Smart Sphere™ (Patent No.:  US 11,293,580 B2)

Quality And Workmanship

Testing in 268 miles of rugged pipeline conditions without any abnormal wear and tear and zero failures proves the Maloney quality and workmanship is in every Maloney Smart Sphere™ we produce.


1. In the field or on the bench the transmitter can be easily and quickly removed to replace batteries, reprogram, refill etc.

2. Two filling ports for normal inflation and filling procedures.

3. Maloney Smart Sphere™ will still pig your line while being tracked anywhere along the line, it can still be inflated like normal and can be used as a normal sphere if needed without trackers in it.

4. Call for availability in sizes 12″ to 36″. Available in U58, U66 and U88 polymers.

5. All CDI technology and products, along with CDI technical support, is available to all Maloney Smart Sphere™ customers.