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Expertise in Rubber
to Metal Bonding
In-house Chemist

Custom Rubber Molding

Maloney Technical Products has developed an extensive resource of rubber and plastic compounds engineered for the rigorous requirements of the industries it serves. We have both in-house and approved supplier material mixing capabilities. The majority of our compounds are proprietary and consequently we are able to control specifications, which insures the integrity of the final compound. This gives Maloney the flexibility to draw not only from our internal expertise but also take advantage of outside chemists and development engineers which translates into the widest possible knowledge base from which to draw.

Rubber to Metal Bonding

Our expertise in the demanding discipline of rubber bonding to metal or plastic inserts is second to none. In addition, our knowledge of tooling design and our manufacturing flexibility allows the company to meet demands for timely delivery.

Maloney has international manufacturing  from our Costa Rican facility with compression and injection molding, as well as extrusion capabilities. This facility is a 520,000 square foot fully-integrated rubber manufacturing operation, starting with rubber mixing and metal machining all the way to molding.


Maloney has the ability to provide assembly of components from sub-assemblies or complete assemblies, as required. Our machine and assembly department specializes in secondary operations which include bonding of dissimilar components, and finish machining of multiple part assemblies.

Besides machining, we also have capabilities in welding, soldering, fabrication, impregnation and coating operations. This aspect of Maloney manufacturing capabilities is very important to keep in mind during the design process or when it makes more sense for Maloney to supply a complete part assembly rather than a single component.