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Tyton®Push-on Gasket

Tyton® Push-on Gaskets

The TYTON® Push-On Gasket is used in the TYTON JOINT® Ductile Iron Pipe & Fittings. All TYTON® Push-On Gaskets are dual hardness gaskets made from vulcanized synthetic rubber, and meet the requirements of the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) Standard ANSI/NSF-61. The standard rubber compound is SBR, which has a maximum service temperature rating of 150°F. For applications with temperatures above 150°F, or for other special service applications, consult the table below or call your Maloney Technical Products Customer Service Representative.

Available in the following compounds:

Water & Sewer Air
EPDM 212°F 150°F
Vegetable Oil, Alcohols, Dilute Acids, Diluted Alkalis, MEK,
Acetone, fresh water, sea water, storm water, sanitary sewage & reclaimed water
Nitrile 150°F 125°F Fresh water, salt water, sanitary sewage, storm water, petroleum products, oils, fats, chemicals, greases
Neoprene 200°F 150°F Fresh water, salt water, sanitary sewage, storm water, greases
FKM 212°F 300°F Fresh water, salt water, storm water, aromatic hydrocarbons, fuels, acids, vegetable oils, petroleum products, and most chemicals and solvents
  • Sizes 4″-64″
  • Standard SBR made per ANSI/AWWA C111/A-21.11

Call Maloney Technical Product Customer Service Representative with the project specifications for recommendation on best compound to use for a special application, current lead times and for pricing. Maloney maintains inventory on many of the sizes and special compounds.