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Excellence in Rubber, Plastics and Metal Since 1932

Maloney Technical Products, an innovator and leader in the rubber and plastics business for over 80 years,  manufactures sophisticated components for oil and gas exploration, production, transmission, down-hole logging, pipe inspection, and water works utility operations.

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Stories from the Field

Maloney Technical Products Series III Detector has proven itself over the years as a durable Pipeline Pig Detector.

It stands on the shoulders of its predecessors.

mark-x-smMaloney Customer Service recently received an inquiry (November 2015) for parts or replacement for a Maloney Mark X Detector from the Ukraine. This model of detector has not been produced since the 1970’s and was apparently in service for several decades. While we were unable to offer parts for this model, the Series III will bolt directly to the older Mark X mounting flange. We wish our customer more years of service when they install their new Series III Detector.


For over 80 years Maloney Technical Products has been the premier supplier for manufactured rubber and plastic products. Maloney has added other custom molded products for a variety of industries with the same high standard.

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Maloney has a 150,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Fort Worth, Texas USA, with compression, transfer and injection molding, of both elastomeric and thermoplastic materials..

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Maloney’s World Wide presence allows our customers to communicate with local personnel without the difficulties imposed by language or time zone. Extended Technical support is always available via e-mail or phone with our main production facility in Fort Worth, TX USA.

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